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By Eric Feinberg

Download the report: The ForeSee Mobile Satisfaction Index, Holiday Retail Edition

I have a toddler at home and to get up in the pitch black of the night without turning on the lights to check on him can be quite challenging sometimes. Maneuvering around toys (loud ones, squishy ones, ones with wheels, etc.) and furniture without the risk of injury (serious or otherwise) is definitely tricky.

That’s how I feel about company leaders who are not measuring the mobile experiences they are offering their customers. By not doing so, they are simply stumbling around in the dark risking the chance of a stubbed toe (a singular lost mobile sale), twisted ankle (negative brand impact based on a bad mobile customer experience), or worse (buying from a competitor offline).

Well, it’s time to turn the lights on.

Measuring mobile satisfaction is no longer an add-on for companies to consider. Phones and tablets are an integral nexus of online traffic and serve as companion channels to virtually every other customer touch point. Mobile accounts for between 10% and 50% of digital traffic to most brands.

Infographic from the ForeSee Mobile Satisfaction Index Holiday Retail Edition

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Customers do not think of retailers in terms of channels. They want a seamless, excellent, merged experience, where they can shift easily between devices and channels. Mobile can no longer be seen as a tactical play for retailers who operate in channel silos. Customers and prospective customers are using mobile devices at home, on the go, while in stores, and while at work, and a retailer’s mobile sites and apps can work for them or against them.

Today we released the ForeSee Mobile Satisfaction Index: Holiday Retail Edition where we take a look at 25 of the top retail companies providing mobile experiences for customers during the 2012 holiday shopping season. Company leaders are still struggling with understanding and meeting the expectations of their mobile customers. In fact, many don’t know how to measure the mobile experience in a way that is accurate, actionable, and predictive.

Having a proven methodology is your light switch…all you have to do is turn it on.

Here’s a look at what you’ll find in the study:

  • Overall: Customer satisfaction with the mobile experience has increased since last holiday season. The aggregate mobile retail satisfaction score for 2012 was 78 on the study’s 100-point scale, compared to 76 for 2011. Individual scores range from 73 to 85. Amazon leads the pack with an 85.
  • Mobile vs. Web: At an aggregate level, customers are rating their web experiences (79) very similarly to their mobile experiences (78). At a company level, some companies are providing a better mobile experience than their own traditional website provides. Find out which companies have the biggest gap between their traditional web and mobile experiences.
  • Showrooming: Brick and mortar retailers are concerned that their stores are acting as showrooms for online competitors. They should be. Nearly 70% of survey respondents reported using their mobile phone while in a store during the 2012 holiday season. Of those who did use a phone while in a store, 62% accessed that store’s site or app while 37% accessed a competitor’s site or app.
  • Retail vs. Financial Services: In a similar study conducted in November, ForeSee found that the average satisfaction score for the largest financial services companies’ mobile sites and apps was 77, compared to the largest retail sites and apps at 78, meaning customers think retailers are providing a better mobile experience in general.
  • Multichannel: This report dives into the multichannel shoppers and the steps they took this holiday season, comparing mobile, store, and web shoppers from ForeSee’s 2012 holiday research studies.

I was also interviewed on this subject for Bloomberg TV during the holiday season. Click through here for a rebroadcast of that segment.

Download the full free ForeSee Mobile Satisfaction Index: Holiday Retail Edition now.

Download teh ForeSee Mobile Satisfaction Index: Holiday Retail Edition

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