All Picture, No Sound

ForeSee Blogger Kevin Muoio

By Kevin Muoio

Playing the guessing game when it comes to customer experiences can often lead to wrong answers or misleading information. However, that doesn’t stop people from doing it. The company leaders I talk to do it every day because they continue to analyze customer experiences using behavioral data alone.

Measuring behavior alone is like watching TV on MUTE -it’s all picture and no sound. You can see the action, you can see the actors moving around, lips moving and arms flailing (if the show’s really good) but you can’t understand what’s going on, what the characters’ motives are, what’s happening now or what will happen next.    With so much missing, can behavioral data tell the story of the customer experience?

mute buttonSilent films had their place in history and, while they still hold a certain amount of charm, those days are long gone. So, instead of watching your customers on mute, give them volume by providing them the opportunity to speak to you.  Using a scientific and proven methodology to understand what drives your customers’ visits to your websites, mobile sites and apps, and their overall satisfaction with the experience is the first step (and maybe the most important).

This is paramount in the mobile sphere. Mobile has grown so fast that some are already resting on their laurels when thinking about what to build for customers and potential customers. Really? We can do so much more. In many ways, I think that our mobile experiences should perform much, much better than our web experiences – since we were given this fresh slate to develop on. But they perform around the same.

How can you drive innovation in your mobile experiences? Stop guessing, start actively listening, turn off mute and…pump up the volume.

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