Big News for ForeSee

ForeSee President & CEO Larry Freed

By Larry Freed

We’re thrilled to announce that ForeSee has been acquired by Answers. You can read more about it in our joint press release, on TechCrunch or on VentureBeat. This is an amazing opportunity for us to continue to grow with increased resources and to join a very successful company without sacrificing our autonomy, our unique company culture, or any of the personnel that has made us so successful to date. Our headquarters will remain in Ann Arbor and we will continue to grow and expand nationally and internationally, adding to our existing operations in London, Vancouver, New York, and Atlanta. I’ll stay on as CEO, and the current executive team will remain in place as well. Hiring locally in Ann Arbor as well as internationally will continue at an aggressive pace.

ForeSee Answers

This is a move that was good for employees, shareholders, and our clients, because it just allows us to do what we already do well, and to do it even better. Nothing should change for clients or employees except that we are stronger than ever!

Joining with Answers also allows us to be part of a full lifecycle solution, from optimizing customer acquisition to analyzing the customer experience to predicting future customer behavior. It’s a partnership that makes a lot of sense for our business and for Answers and the suite of companies in its portfolio.

Thanks to all of the staff and the executive team that have helped us grow ForeSee into such a successful company over the past 12 years. It’s an honor to be a part of it, and I look forward to the next 12…and beyond!

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