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ForeSee Blogger Don Morrison
Don Morrison, Executive Vice President & General Manager

Don is responsible for driving ForeSee’s continuing growth and delivering value to our clients. His focus is to leverage ForeSee’s existing multinational client base, best-in-class methodologies, and research . . . | Full Profile

ForeSee Blogger Eric Feinberg
Eric Feinberg, Director of Mobile, Media & Entertainment

As ForeSee’s Director of Mobile, Media & Entertainment, Eric provides leadership to the company’s mobile solutions as well as solutions related to the media and entertainment industries . . . | Full Profile

ForeSee Blogger Dave Lewan
Dave Lewan, Vice President of Public Sector Sales and Sales Operations

Dave Lewan manages ForeSee’s sales organization focused on the public sector, including government departments and agencies, non-profit organizations, and higher education institutions . . . | Full Profile

Alexei White, Director of Emerging Technologies

As ForeSee’s Director of Emerging Technologies, Alexei White leads the development of the company’s SessionReplay, Mobile Web and Mobile App solutions. . . | Full Profile

Kim Turner, Director of Product Marketing

Kim Turner joined ForeSee in 2011 and brings over 20 years of experience in the software and IT services industries. She has an extensive background in product marketing, product management. . . | Full Profile

Kathy Totz, Usability Auditor

Kathy Totz is a Usability Auditor at ForeSee, where she uses her experience in conducting research and academic training to perform expert usability audits in industries such as. . . | Full Profile

ForeSee Blogger Mansoor Malik
Mansoor Malik, Managing Director, United Kingdom

As Managing Director of ForeSee’s UK office, Mansoor Malik manages ForeSee’s growing international client base. Mansoor has held several senior sales and marketing management positions . . . | Full Profile

ForeSee Blogger Eric Head
Eric Head, Senior Director, Sales

Eric manages ForeSee’s sales team responsible for measurement of locations, contact centers and the SessionReplay product. Eric also plays a key role in the strategic growth . . . | Full Profile

ForeSee Blogger Drew Hale
Drew Hale, SessionReplay Specialist

As ForeSee’s SessionReplay specialist, Drew Hale is responsible for sales strategy and development of ForeSee’s SessionReplay product. He draws on 4 years of experience . . . | Full Profile

ForeSee Blogger Marianne Klinker
Marianne Klinker, Digital Marketing Lead

As ForeSee’s Digital Marketing lead, Marianne manages the company’s presence on a variety of digital platforms and follows developing digital media trends. Marianne is a 2005 graduate . . . | Full Profile

ForeSee Blogger JJ Cramer
JJ Cramer, Director of Sales, Mobile

As ForeSee’s Director of Sales, Mobile, JJ Cramer contributes to the development of institutional knowledge about the mobile customer experience, influences product innovation . . . | Full Profile

ForeSee Blogger Randy Kish
Randy Kish, Regional Manager, Customer Direct

Randy Kish joined ForeSee in 2011, bringing over 20 years of retail experience that started on the selling floor at Nordstrom. Randy crossed over to the software side of the retail industry . . . | Full Profile

ForeSee Blogger Michelle Hertz
Michelle Hertz, Senior Satisfaction Research Analyst

Michelle Hertz is a Senior Satisfaction Research Analyst at ForeSee. In this role, she manages some of the company’s largest public sector measurement programs . . . | Full Profile

ForeSee Blogger Krystel Harvey
Krystel Harvey, Regional Manager

Krystel Harvey is ForeSee’s Regional Manager in the San Francisco Bay Area. With seven years of experience in the customer experience space, she has a particular passion for the retail . . . | Full Profile

ForeSee Blogger Bruce Shields
Bruce Shields, Usability Team Lead

Bruce Shields is a Usability Team Lead at Foresee. He holds a master’s degree in Human Computer Interaction from the University of Michigan, and has led an internal research . . . | Full Profile

ForeSee Blogger Peter Malamas
Peter Malamas, Regional Manager

Peter Malamas’ specialty is online solutions that help companies acquire new customers and build stronger relationships with existing customers, using customer experience analytics . . . | Full Profile

ForeSee Blogger Matthew Dull
Matthew Dull, Usability Team Lead

Matthew Dull is a Usability Team Lead at ForeSee, where he guides a group of usability auditors experienced in conducting expert analyses of sites across a number of industries, including . . . | Full Profile

ForeSee Blogger Kevin Muoio
Kevin Muoio, Business Development Manager, Mobile

Kevin is a Business Development Manager, Mobile for ForeSee. Early in his career, while working at Electronic Arts, Kevin experienced online gaming . . . | Full Profile

ForeSee Blogger Lija Hogan
Lija Hogan, Manager, Usability Services

Lija Hogan is the Manager of Usability Services at ForeSee. She has over 10 years of experience in the design, maintenance, and evaluation of websites, mobile sites, and software across. . . | Full Profile

ForeSee Blogger Ben Stollard
Ben Stollard, Director of Sales, United Kingdom

Ben Stollard is ForeSee’s UK Director of Sales. Prior to joining the ForeSee team, Ben served as Vice President of Northern Europe Sales for Kyriba Corp. Prior to that, Ben was the IBM North EMEA Sales Director at . . . | Full Profile

ForeSee Blogger Kevin Gates
Kevin Gates, Named Account Manager

Kevin Gates is the Named Account Manager for ForeSee in the Southeast. In this role, Kevin has shown great passion for his clients’ success. He brings over 15 years of experience across many different industries . . . | Full Profile

ForeSee Blogger Silvina Diaz
Silvina Diaz, Director of Client Services

Silvina Diaz started working with ForeSee in 2006 as a Satisfaction Research Analyst, working primarily with Public Sector and International organizations. During the past eight years at ForeSee, Silvina has developed an expertise . . . | Full Profile

ForeSee Blogger Byron Biggins
Byron Biggins, Regional Director of Mobile

As Regional Director of Mobile, Byron works with clients to configure mobile measurements that best enable businesses to analyze and improve the experience they provide their customers. Prior to this role, Byron was . . . | Full Profile

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