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What the ForeSee Summit had “In Store” for Attendees

ForeSee Satisfatction Analytics for Store Measurement

With so much focus on the web and especially, as of late, mobile touch points, little attention is drawn to the store front. However, Stores remain a crucial part of the customer experience. And at this year’s ForeSee User Summit the Store Measurement Breakout session turned out to be standing-room-only.  The session featured two speakers who shared success stories of how they used customer experience analytics to provide both strategic and operational decision support in their store operations. I’ve decided to blind the case studies to protect the anonymity of our clients and their business objectives and strategies. Case Study … Read More

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Leveraging Satisfaction Analytics to Prepare Stores for 2013

foresee satisfaction analytics for stores bring the voice of your customers into the boardroom.

It’s the time of year companies begin planning for the next budget year.  Whiteboards are full of potential and ambitious initiatives conceived with the notion to reach company targets.  Proposals, vendor presentations and ROI exercises fill conference rooms from May to October, followed by internal review and continuous debate on where to spend limited budget and resources. All the while the execution of last year’s plan continues to plug along with everyone anxiously waiting with bated breath to see what the answers to “Did we get it right?” and “Will we do well enough to get the funds come February … Read More

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Driving In-Store Results

driving in-store results

In a recent Forbes article William McComb, the CEO from Fifth and Pacific (formerly Liz Claiborne), stressed that the store experience is even more important in today’s multi-channel, multi-device retail environment. “Retailers must be firing on all cylinders” was the phrase McComb used to describe effective execution of the store, web, mobile, and social channels. Since ForeSee is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan approximately 40 miles west of Detroit – the automobile epicenter of the world (or, used to be, anyway) -  let’s take that car engine analogy even further. Hypothetically, if one cylinder was more powerful in driving the … Read More

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