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ForeSee Releases New E-Government Satisfaction Index and Mobile Federal Government Benchmark

The ForeSee E-Government Satisfaction Index (Q4 2013) Now Available Download the Report Yesterday we released The ForeSee E-Government Satisfaction Index (Q4 2013). This report serves as a critical checkpoint for evaluating the success and performance of the federal government’s online and mobile initiatives and provides a quarterly update on citizen satisfaction with e-government websites at the aggregate level, individual satisfaction scores for the 108 federal government websites included in the Index, and  – a new milestone for ForeSee’s mobile practice and the federal government – the launch of ForeSee’s Mobile Federal Government Benchmark. This quarter’s aggregate score for e-government websites … Read More

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Meeting the Customer Satisfaction Milestones of the Digital Government Strategy

ForeSee Citizen Satisfaction

While Monday officially kicked off a new Presidential term, January 22 marked the passing of a new milestone of the Digital Government Strategy. The report, released on May 23, 2012, set into place some aggressive deadlines to keep the digital government moving in a citizen-centric direction. Section 8.2 of the report requires a federal government agency or organization with a public-facing website to: one, report what tool they are using to measure customer satisfaction; and, two, eventually “Collect Required Data and Provide to the Digital Analytics Program.” The General Services Administration (GSA) is recommending agencies that do not know what … Read More

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A Great Customer Experience Always Wins

I’m really excited about one of our new clients, the Virginia Lottery. They’re working with us to measure the customer experience on both their website and their mobile site. This is an interesting one for me because a lottery organization isn’t a business model where you might expect the customer experience to matter a whole lot—you can’t buy tickets on the site – it’s an informational site. People are going to buy lottery tickets whether or not they like the website or the mobile site, right? Actually, for informational, content-oriented websites that support retail sales like the Virginia Lottery, the … Read More

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