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Post-NRF Next Steps: 3 Things Retailers Need to Address in 2014

Today's Customers are Multichannel

With the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) “Big Show”– a blitzkrieg of sorts, throwing the latest retail technology, toys, tips and strategies at attendees – behind us many of you may be wondering: What do I do now? The Big Show is a phenomenal event for retailers without question and is a great one for us. Actually, ForeSee team members were still meeting with people Tuesday afternoon while cranes were tearing down the booths around us. But it can be a little overwhelming for retailers once the dust settles and they get back to business as usual the following days. Reflecting … Read More

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What’s in Store for Stores

Service is a priority for stores. Download the ForeSee Experience Index to learn more.

Are stores on their way to becoming purely distribution centers? If Amazon has anything to say about it, they are. Whether their delivery drones become a reality or not, Amazon’s push for same-day delivery could have a major impact on stores. The ForeSee Experience Index (FXI): 2013 Retail Edition, released earlier this week, shows that 38% of people purchased at a retailer’s store location instead of from the company’s website, mobile site or app because they wanted the product immediately (Satisfaction 81). Only 6% purchased offline for the option to talk to a sales person (Satisfaction 83). And only 1% … Read More

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(P)research: The Fulcrum of Store and Mobile Analytics

Consumers are conducting pre-research on mobile devices before they go, and in stores

Raise your hand if you’ve ever accessed a company’s website with your mobile phone before actually considering a purchase at a store location. Now, raise your other hand if you’ve ever used your mobile device while actually in a store to investigate products or inventory before buying anything. Okay, now put your arms down before your coworkers begin thinking something’s seriously wrong. But, don’t worry you’re not by any means alone. This, “Pre-Search,” is becoming (if it isn’t already) a very important phenomenon at the very fulcrum of store and mobile analytics. Plain and simple, consumers are using new devices … Read More

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‘Tis the Season…for Holiday Preparations!

Holiday Preparations Multichannel Shopping

Oh, the weather outside is…delightful? For most, the holiday season may seem a long way off, but the savviest retailers know that now is the time to prepare for the busiest and most significant time of their year. Give Your Customers the Gift of a Positive Shopping Experience Above all else, retailers should be gearing up for the holiday season by making sure that they’re focusing on the experience they’ll deliver to customers. Now is the time to make changes, but retailers need to be sure to test those changes to make sure they work and accomplish what they’re intended … Read More

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Let’s Get Digical, Digical

Getting Digical: Bringing technology into stores to enhance the customer experience

No. As much as I’d like it to be, this blog post is not promoting a Weird Al Yankovic parody of nor paying homage to Olivia Newton-John’s popular 80s Spandex tune, “Let’s Get Physical.” “Digical” refers to the increasingly busy intersection of digital technology and the physical shopping experience…where many retailers are beginning to set up shop in an attempt to ward off internet retail poachers and stymie industry trends such as showrooming. Back in 1981 when ONJ’s song first hit the airwaves and Weird Al’s career was on the rise the world was a much different place. This is … Read More

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Making Contact: Contact Centers Customers are Highly Satisfied

ForeSee Contact Center Benchmark

While a company’s contact center isn’t typically the first choice for engaging with a company, it still remains an important part in fostering the customer relationship. Today, ForeSee released its annual Contact Center Benchmark that affords company leaders an opportunity to determine how their centers stack up against industry averages. This year, the average customer satisfaction score for contact centers is 80 on ForeSee’s 100-point scale, ranging from 61 to 94, meaning – in general – contact centers customers are highly satisfied. For benchmark purposes we compared likely future behaviors of highly-satisfied contact center customers (those with satisfaction of 80 … Read More

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Siteshowing: Defying the Norm…or Defining the New Norm

Siteshowing Bonobos Guide Shop

Every once in a while I come a across a situation where I can’t decide if it’s completely brilliant or utterly insane. Such is the case with Bonobos. With a pure play online clothing retailer such as Bonobos, the retailer runs the risk of having site visitors wishing they could try on the clothes before punching in their credit card number. Unable to do so, they find what they want on the retailer’s site, log off, and head to the closest department store (Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Target, etc.) where they can discover similar styles (by other brands) to what they … Read More

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Can Predictive Analytics Help Retailers Dodge a J.C. Penney-Style Debacle?

Forbes article on ForeSee

Barbara Thau of Forbes Magazine has a column today about how ForeSee’s predictive analytics help retailers like Perry Ellis,, and Hickory Farms improve the customer experience and, as a result, the bottom line. The three examples highlighted in this article are just a few of the hundreds of retailers we work with across channels and around the world. An excerpt from the article: . . . retailers are increasingly turning to ForeSee for its predictive analytics capabilities. The company conducts customer satisfaction surveys for retailers, the results of which are fed into ForeSee’s statistical engine to forecast what changes … Read More

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Showrooming: Browsing Fees? Really?

Showrooming not as bad as you think

So…when did window shopping become a crime punishable by a fine? I’m happy to pay a cover charge at the corner bar to experience a good local band, or at a museum to experience fine art. But to pay $5 just to enter my local grocery or electronics store is where I draw the line. Unfortunately, that is what some business owners are charging people as they enter their stores. Apparently this “just looking,” or browsing, fee will theoretically combat showrooming – when customers come to the store (the “showroom”) to look at the merchandise in person but then shop … Read More

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Showrooming: Not as Bad as You Think

Research from ForeSee: Showrooming Isn't as bad as you think

In today’s multi-channel, multi-device world, company leaders need to consider that a customer’s store experience can affect other channels in the company and vice versa. For example, over the last few years the term “showrooming” has become a popular industry buzz word. Showrooming simply means that some customers are coming to the store to look at the merchandise in person (the “showroom”) but then shopping online (often via mobile) to get a better price through a competitor. Sound perilous?   Our research shows that showrooming isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Although almost a quarter of store purchasers measured reported using their … Read More

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