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BANG! POW! BAM! SessionReplay Saves the Day

SessionReplay from ForeSee

We talk a lot about the Super Consumer around here, with their powerful voices, acute and refined hearing, cloning abilities, and unlimited knowledge. It’s all true – they’re out there and they mean business.  And, to top it off, they’re just a chiseled physique and a can of Shark Repellant away from a being considered real super heroes. I think, however, we forget to mention our own super capabilities, not to mention our understated charm and ability to help those in need. Although we’re not here to stymie the powers of the Super Consumer – they’re not the villains in … Read More

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Once upon a time there was a beautiful website. It had cool buttons, pictures of pretty people, and things that did things. People visited and gazed upon these things and were amazed. But when these people tried to buy something and couldn’t they got restless, grabbed torches and pitchforks and rose as one! But then realized they didn’t want to ruin their new computers so they put the torches and pitchforks down and filled out a survey instead. It’s a tragic tale – one we’ve heard many times before in Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, and Shrek. The moral … Read More

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What’s Apparent to You May Not be What’s Causing Your Visitors Frustration

Frustration is frustrating! In fact, analyzing why people are always frustrated tops my list of frustrating activities. Heck, I’m pulling my hair out as I write this, which is ridiculous based on how much I spend on Propecia. The real maddening thing is – especially for a business – regardless of your best intentions, there will always be someone finding fault with just about everything you do. As business leaders, if you’re entering the race to please everyone you better lace up those shoes (and tie them tight) because it’s one giant hurdle after another. And believe me, it can … Read More

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The Good News About Bad News

Bad news is inevitable, but it’s the one thing we all try to avoid hearing or talking about. We live with the notion that if we can couch bad news as is, it gives us the perception that the world is a better place. My brother had this one-liner that I think sums it up:  A doctor says to a family, “the surgery was a success, however, the patient died.” If you’ve ever waited in a tremendously long line with money or credit card clenched in your fist to purchase a hot commodity (concert tickets, the latest iPad, Tickle-Me Elmo) … Read More

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Does Your Right Hand Know What Your Left is Doing?

It was going to be a great day. I could feel it. The sun was up, and so was I. I was feeling pretty good about the final touches I put on a new presentation. I was proud of it– not only was it a brilliant idea in my book, I loaded the presentation with all the bells and whistles I could muster – graphs, large fonts, bullet points, and bullet points supported by sub bullet points. Did I mention that the bullet points flew in from the side of the screen (that’s how you know they are really important)? … Read More

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