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Customer Case Files: Retailers Find Success Using Customer Experience Analytics

The ForeSee Blog Customer Experience Case Files

It’s hard to believe that the holiday shopping season is right around the corner.  And with it will be the barrage of advertising and promotions that retailers rely on to drive sales.  Given how critical the holidays are to the success of most retailers, it’s no wonder that so much is invested to try to acquire customers. But successful retailers also realize that delivering a great customer experience is every bit as critical as enticing them with promotions.  And nowadays that means ensuring that all facets of your organization are working well together to meet the customer’s needs and exceed … Read More

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Rewarding Analytics

ForeSee Satisfaction Analytics help you attract and retain loyal customers

It’s hard to recall the last time I made a purchase at a store location without being asked whether I was a member of that company’s rewards program.  And more and more these days we are seeing an increased variety of companies across a number of industries, from restaurants, to retailers, and increasingly by financial institutions and credit cards, adopting rewards programs as a means to retain loyal customers. For credit cards in particular, reward programs have gone from a differentiator to a requirement for many consumers.  And at the same time, customer expectations for these rewards programs have risen … Read More

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Contact Center: The Last Resort

contact center customer satisfaction

Last week we released our annual ForeSee Contact Center Benchmark where we take an aggregate look at customer satisfaction with our clients’ contact centers. Today, I want to take a singular look at how predictive customer experience analytics can help a company make informative, strategic business decisions regarding their contact center. A theme that often emerges from our client data is that the contact center is often not the first stop in a customer’s journey to try to accomplish their task – rather, it’s often a last resort.  It is a last chance to solve a problem, a last chance … Read More

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The Strategic and Tactical Value of Customer Experience Analytics

Customer Experience Analytics from ForeSee are both strategic and tactical

In my eight-plus years with ForeSee, I have often been asked for the best practices for leveraging customer experience analytics.  The answer is simple – your approach must use the data both strategically as well as tactically. My favorite example of this comes from a case study of one of our media/entertainment clients, PBS.  The main objective of their site was to increase viewer engagement with their television programming.  Their internal metrics showed that highly engaged visitors watched more video on the site, so they were looking into adding more video content and promoting it more prominently on the site.  … Read More

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