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Usability Perspective: 5 Financial Services Login Tips for a Better Customer Experience

Financial Services Customer Experience Login Tips

Any bank, insurance agency, investment firm, or other financial services institution will tell you that one of the most common task (if not the most common) driving visitors to the site is the ability to log in to their account. Because logging in is such an important key task, it is important that the process be as clear, streamlined, and usable as possible. Here are 5 different ways you can enhance the usability of your login process: 1.) Make login the most prominent thing on homepage by providing the fields directly on the page Because so many of your customers … Read More

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Mobile App Review: Amazon

The ForeSee Usability Team Reviews the Amazon Mobile App

In this final ForeSee usability blog post, we will discuss Amazon’s mobile app. Like eBay’s app, Amazon Mobile carries over many of the features and functionality available on its full desktop site in addition to some clever mobile-only features. For example, customers can search for items not only by scanning a barcode, but also by simply taking a picture of the item with their smartphone’s camera: Like eBay’s app, a major benefit of Amazon’s app is the seamless cross platform integration; existing Amazon customers maintain access to their recommended items, wish lists, and items added to the Cart in other … Read More

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Mobile App Review: eBay

The ForeSee Blog eBay Mobile App

According to a June 2012 Nielsen study, as reported by Tech Crunch, the eBay and Amazon smartphone apps have the largest unique audience of all shopping apps—at over 13 million and 12 million, respectively. First, we’ll take a look at eBay Mobile’s features, functionality, and usability, followed by a test drive of the Amazon app next week Available for a wide variety of platforms, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phones, and Blackberry, the eBay Mobile app replicates the popular online auction site, allowing customers to search and browse for products, place bids, and purchase items. (Of course, the app also … Read More

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Your Mobile Users are All Thumbs: Tips for Designing for the Small Screen

As mobile adoption rates continue to increase, it is imperative to ensure mobile interactions are easy and user-friendly in order to create positive consumer experiences within this evolving and critical channel for your company. It’s no secret that mobile users are thumb-heavy when it comes to the tiny touch screens. There are even websites dedicated to typing and autocorrect mishaps. So, why play into mobile weaknesses when you can build an easy to use mobile optimized site that will make users happy and, in the long run, play into the strengths of your company? While many mobile site conventions are … Read More

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Replicating an In-Store Experience Online

More than ever, shoppers are looking to the convenience of online shopping. For example,this past holiday season we saw in-store Black Friday sales rise a mere 7%, while Cyber Monday online sales jumped 20% (AP). Even so, shopping online carries some distinct disadvantages compared to the in-store experience, since customers cannot see the complete detail of products in person or interact with sales people.  While online shopping can’t entirely replicate the brick and mortar experience, here are five ways to help bring some of the benefits of in-store shopping to the online experience. 1.) Eye Catching Displays In-store: Featured collections … Read More

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