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What Can ForeSee Do For You?

Company culture at ForeSee

The ForeSee blog is full of posts demonstrating how ForeSee products and technology can help current and prospective clients. While that’s extremely important to the growth of our company, the culture we continue to cultivate for current and future employees is just as crucial to our growth. As one of our employees said at the last all-hands meeting (see below), “making us a stronger company internally will make us a stronger company externally.” I couldn’t agree more! Earlier this year, a Detroit Free Press reporter asked us to outline the ways in which we engage our employees. And, when we … Read More

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Working For ForeSee: Substance Over Flash

In my four years as a recruiter for ForeSee, I’ve been asked countless times by candidates: Why should I work for ForeSee?  While that’s a great question, the real one is: why wouldn’t you want to work for ForeSee? A lot of the positions we’re hiring and recruiting for are sales positions, but I feel I already have the best sales job at ForeSee – I get to sell our company to some of the best talent across the country. And we have such a great story to tell. The short version is this:  we’re a 10-year-old company rooted in … Read More

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