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A Challenging Week for UK Retail

ForeSee UK Retail Satisfaction

Following the Christmas frenzy, January is always a difficult month for UK retail. So far 2013 has proved no exception and in the past two weeks we’ve seen several high street names – Jessops, HMV and Blockbusters to name a few – go into administration. It’s difficult and uncomfortable to hear the news of their demise and the resulting job losses, but one has to ask the question of why this has happened to them and inevitably ask what could have been done to prevent it occurring – and from happening to other retailers moving forwards. So far the finger … Read More

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UK: Retail and Travel Websites Outperform Product Sites

One of the things our clients tend to really like is our benchmarks. Because we measure so many companies in so many categories, we can tell organizations how they compare to their peers, to best-in-class websites, etc. So I was excited when one of our fabulous research managers, Rhonda Berg, told me she was working on two new benchmarks for online travel and product/manufacturer websites and also expanding our retail benchmark. Here’s how the benchmarks work: ForeSee’s methodology calculates reliable and sensitive customer satisfaction scores for each company in a category, all on a 100-point scale. We then average all … Read More

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