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Know Your Customer Experience Elephant

Know Your Customer Experience Elephant

Have you ever heard the story of the two men who had never before seen an elephant, and were peeking at one through tiny pinholes in the holding pen fence at the zoo? With his drastically limited field of vision, one of the men sees just the tail, and swears, “I can see it clearly, an elephant looks just like a snake.” The other man sees just a leg, and says, “You don’t know what you’re saying, an elephant looks like a tree trunk!” Unfortunately, many business leaders view the customer experience this way. The data they collect only shows … Read More

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The Consumer Products Challenge

The ForeSee Blog Consumer Products Challenge

Although I work with a wide range of well-known consumer products companies (also known as “consumer packaged goods,” or CPG) and clients, there’s a fairly common theme that arises, especially for those who have a non-e-commerce based website for a low-engagement and need-based product. For consumer products, digital marketing is like a classic game of Battleship where you’re shooting blind, making educated guesses where your target is, and getting very little precise feedback on how close you were to the target until the end-game…unless, however, you were LUCKY enough to score a direct hit! In the Consumer Products marketing world, … Read More

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