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ForeSee’s Q2 2013 E-Government Satisfaction Index Available

The ForeSee ACSI E-Government Satisfaction Index

With Today’s release of the Q2 2013 ForeSee ASCI E-Government Satisfaction Index, we see that the web arm of the federal government continues to perform very well and has been steady in terms of citizen satisfaction for 15 of the last 16 quarters, hovering around 75 (on the study’s 100-point scale). Key findings from the quarterly update on citizen satisfaction with e-government include: Citizen satisfaction with the e-government experience remains steady in Q2 2013. The second quarter of 2013 registered an average citizen satisfaction score of 75.0, which is almost imperceptibly down from 75.1 in Q1 2013. The Social Security … Read More

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E-Business Satisfaction Falls to Lowest Score in Decade

The 2013 ForeSee ACSI E-Business Update

Today, ForeSee released its commentary on the 2013 American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) E-Business Report that measures customer satisfaction with the News and Information websites, Social Media websites and Search Engines and Portals. Read the full, free commentary here. E-business is how consumers connect with the world online. We get our news online. We connect with friends and network online. We share our thoughts and listen to what others have to say online. And if we’re searching for something specific, we just “Google” it. Through the years, the e-business sector as a whole has provided one of the more satisfying … Read More

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E-Gov Starts 2013 on Steady Ground, Turns to Mobile

The ForeSee ACSI E-Government Satisfaction Index

ForeSee today released its quarterly update on the 2013 Q1 ACSI E-Government Satisfaction Index that includes citizen satisfaction with e-government at the aggregate level, including individual satisfaction scores for the 103 federal government sites participating in the Index. Key findings include:  Citizen satisfaction with the e-gov experience remains steady to kick off 2013. The first quarter of this year registered an average citizen satisfaction score of 75.1 where it has hovered for 14 of the past 15 quarters. The Social Security Administration’s (SSA) Retirement Estimator remains at the top of the list with a 91, followed by the SSA’s iClaim … Read More

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Customer Satisfaction with E-Commerce Continues to Rise

Customer Satisfaction ECommerce

Download ForeSee’s annual ACSI Annual E-Commerce Report here. E-commerce continues to be one of the highest-scoring sectors in all of American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). And as e-commerce in the United States continues to increase exponentially every year so does the competition between companies trying to capture their share of the market. And this is great for the consumer as competition often results in better prices, more innovation, and higher customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction with the e-commerce sector climbs again in 2012, scoring 81.1 on ACSI’s 100-point scale from 80.1 in 2011. The e-commerce measure is comprised of three online … Read More

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Satisfaction with E-Government Steady in 2012

ForeSee ACSI E-Government Index

ForeSee released the 38th consecutive quarterly American Customer Satisfaction Index (ASCI) E-Government Satisfaction Index today, marking nearly 10 years of measuring citizen satisfaction with public-facing federal government websites. While citizen satisfaction scores for agency sites at an aggregate level did not change drastically throughout last year, we are seeing a drastic shift in the government’s priorities to become more customer-centric with the release of the Digital Government: Building a 21st Century Platform to Better Serve the American People initiative in May 2012. We applaud the effort and are anxious to see the plan roll out as milestones are reached through … Read More

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Federal E-Gov Registers Slight Dip in Q3 2012

ForeSee ACSI E-Gov Index Citizen Satisfaction Over Time

Ahhh, there’s nothing like an election year to spur on Americans’ sentiment about the federal government. While there is little evidence that the 2012 presidential election has anything to do with it, we do, however, with the release of the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) E-Government Satisfaction Index (Q3 2012) today, see a slight dip in the citizen satisfaction among the 106 federal agencies and departments measured in Q3 2012. After reaching an all-time high of 75.6 in Q2 2012, the aggregate satisfaction score registered a minor decrease this quarter, posting a 75.3. Regardless, citizen satisfaction has been at 75 … Read More

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ForeSee to E-Gov: Don’t Mess Up Now! Part 3

Digital Government Wordle

There’s a lot that goes into measuring customer satisfaction and survey technology is just the tip of the iceberg albeit a very important part of the iceberg. It is great to gather information, but if you are going to put your site visitors through a survey, make sure you are making the most of the opportunity. Here are some quick thoughts on some survey “must do’s”: Make sure you are getting a representative audience to complete the survey.  Without it, all you have are individual opinions. Granted there is some value there, but with a representative audience you are taking … Read More

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ForeSee to E-Gov: Don’t Mess Up Now! Part 2

Is your satisfaction metric a true scientific measurement?

When I enthusiastically encouraged the digital arm of the federal government to “not mess it up now” regarding its new strategy to implement new initiatives that would provide an agency’s services and content via a mobile device (phone or tablet), I really meant it. So much so, in fact, I felt it deserved three posts to illustrate my point. In the first post, I talked a lot about the need for a proven methodology to measure customer or, in this case, citizen satisfaction. I used to think that having a sound methodology went without saying.  I’m starting to second guess … Read More

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Amazon ForeSees the Importance of Satisfaction

Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos on ForeSee

If you weren’t one of the approximate 125 million visitors to Amazon.com the weekend of August 25, you might have missed the letter showcased on the website’s home page. It wasn’t just any letter, though (see screen shot). It was written by Amazon Founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos, to customers outlining the company’s recent achievements in customer satisfaction. The reason I bring this up is because apparently even Amazon thinks it’s a pretty big deal that it scored an 89 – the highest score ever attained by a retailer – in the ForeSee E-Retail Satisfaction Index-Spring Top 100 Edition. To … Read More

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I Know My Priority Area. Now What? Part 3

the relaunch effect

What Happens After You Make Improvement Efforts? This is the third post in a three-part series by ForeSee Research Manager Rhonda Berg. Subscribe to Rhonda’s posts or to The ForeSee Blog to receive future updates. What happens after you make improvement efforts?  How do you tell the difference between success, failure, or the absence of an effect? Clearly, if your performance (element) scores increased significantly, driving a corresponding immediate, significant increase in satisfaction and likely future behavior, your efforts were successful.  You may have even made a connection between the satisfaction increase and trends you’ve seen in your behavioral data. … Read More

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