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ForeSee Federal Government Mobile Benchmark

ForeSee's Mobile Government Benchmark

ForeSee’s mobile practice hits another milestone with the launch of the Federal Benchmark of mobile sites and apps for its clients. Just the fact that there is a mobile benchmark for these organizations is huge accomplishment, meaning more and more federal government agencies, departments and organizations are actually measuring the mobile experience, which shows federal leaders are understanding the value this digital medium has in interacting with the citizen. The satisfaction score of these federal government site and app visitors are starting strong out of the gate and showing higher average scores than other industry sectors measured by ForeSee. The aggregate … Read More

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Highly Satisfied B2B Customers More Likely to Recommend, Use Again

Satisfied B2B Customers are more likely to recommend, return

There are many, many differences between B2Bs and B2Cs. But if you look closely you will see many commonalities as well. For one thing, online customer satisfaction plays a key role in one just as much as it does in the other. The benchmark we released today reflects more than 15,500 surveys collected just in the month of May for 33 B2B sites large and small (such as Cummins, Eaton, Emerson Network Power, Gale-Cengage, HNI Enterprise, MSC Industrial Supply, Praxair, ProQuest, and Scholastic). Here’s what we found. Based on likelihood scores, highly-satisfied B2B website customers report being: 67% more likely … Read More

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Making Contact: Contact Centers Customers are Highly Satisfied

ForeSee Contact Center Benchmark

While a company’s contact center isn’t typically the first choice for engaging with a company, it still remains an important part in fostering the customer relationship. Today, ForeSee released its annual Contact Center Benchmark that affords company leaders an opportunity to determine how their centers stack up against industry averages. This year, the average customer satisfaction score for contact centers is 80 on ForeSee’s 100-point scale, ranging from 61 to 94, meaning – in general – contact centers customers are highly satisfied. For benchmark purposes we compared likely future behaviors of highly-satisfied contact center customers (those with satisfaction of 80 … Read More

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Keeping a Pulse on the Healthcare Industry

ForeSee's 2012 Healthcare Satisfaction Index

ForeSee released its annual healthcare benchmark to the media today that reports on the satisfaction that customers and patients have with their online experiences with companies within three major areas of the industry—Health Information, Hospitals and Health Systems, and Health Insurance. Within these three categories we saw individual satisfaction scores range from 33 all the way to 88 on our 100-point scale. This dramatic range shows that while some companies are doing extremely well with their online efforts in the eyes of their customers and patients, other companies are struggling to find what the consumer really wants and how to … Read More

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Measuring Your B2B Website is Only Half the Battle

measuring your B2B website is only half the battle.

A B2B’s website’s performance (or lack thereof) can actually have an enormous impact on the business’ contact center. You might not think that two very separate channels could directly affect each other and a company’s bottom line in very distinct ways. But they do. When I look at B2Bs, one of the things I find interesting about them is the fact that there is not as much freedom of choice as there is in the regular retail world where you might have five or six or more options if you’re looking to purchase.  With B2B companies there is a built-in … Read More

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Satisfied B2B Site Visitors More Likely to Recommend, Purchase

B2Bs are different from B2Cs in a lot of ways, but a benchmark we released today shows that online customer satisfaction is just as important for both models. Our benchmark reflects more than 20,000 surveys collected just in the month of April for B2B sites large and small (like Alcon, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cummins Engines, Eaton, Emerson Network Power, Gale-Cengage, HNI Enterprise, McGraw-Hill, MSC Industrial Supply, NuStep, Pearson Learning Solutions, Pfizer, ProQuest, Scholastic, Techdata, Valassis, and Yaskawa). Here’s what we found. Based on likelihood scores, highly-satisfied visitors to B2B websites report being: 63% more likely than less satisfied customers … Read More

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Making A Great Impression on News and Entertainment Sites

Today ForeSee released a benchmark that reports customer satisfaction for news and entertainment web and mobile sites. Our research shows consumers’ satisfaction on entertainment and news sites increases their loyalty: based on the research, highly satisfied visitors to advertising-driven news and entertainment sites report being:  45% more likely than less satisfied visitors to return to the website again. 81% more likely to recommend the website to a friend, family member, or colleague. 54% more likely to use the site as their primary resource. When news and entertainment sites don’t have a clear conversion event – like a purchase event that … Read More

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Consumers’ Love/Hate Relationship with Contact Centers

Although ForeSee started out measuring the customer experience with websites, our customers quickly told us that they need a way to apply our technology across all channels. So for a few years now, we’ve been working with stores, mobile sites and apps, and contact centers, which is what I want to talk about today. Call centers are an interesting animal because of their interdependence with the other channels. Whether a call center is sales focused or service focused, a really excellent, easy-to-use website should reduce call center volume. It’s cheaper for a company to service requests and purchases online than … Read More

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UK: Retail and Travel Websites Outperform Product Sites

One of the things our clients tend to really like is our benchmarks. Because we measure so many companies in so many categories, we can tell organizations how they compare to their peers, to best-in-class websites, etc. Here’s how the benchmarks work: ForeSee’s methodology calculates reliable and sensitive customer satisfaction scores for each company in a category, all on a 100-point scale. We then average all those scores. It’s quite an eye opener! Clients can compare their scores against a meaningful standard that represents their peers, while the confidentiality of the individual websites’ scores is protected. Here’s what we found… … Read More

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