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Tailoring the Customer Experience to Spanish Speakers in the U.S.

Tailoring the Customer Experience to Spanish Speakers

With cultural differences come differences in needs, wants and expectations, and it’s up to organizations that cater to large international groups to ensure they are providing the right experience to the right audience. An August 2013 study published by the Pew Research Center found that the number of Spanish speakers in the U.S. has grown rapidly in the last few years and continues to grow. According to an analysis of the 2011 American Community Survey, a record of 37.6 million people ages five years and older speak Spanish at home. In addition, Spanish is the most spoken non-English language in … Read More

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It’s Just Not in the Budget…

When it's just not in the budget

“I am putting together a budget.” “It’s just not in my budget.” “We really need to budget for that.” Sound familiar? Like many people in the world today, I, too had to sit down and put together a budget for my family. I had been putting this off for quite some time as I believed it to be a very unpleasant process. Plus, and I did not want to be held to a set of rules that would determine what I could and could not purchase on a daily basis. I also knew deep down that this was going to … Read More

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Big Data + Bad Metrics = A Big Waste of Time

Big Data

We have a saying when it comes to big data: big data with bad metrics is a big waste of time. This “big data trap” can generate a false sense of confidence among company executives and leaders. Bad data is still bad data regardless of the volume collected, and the end result will only lead to bad decisions that will potentially create a negative impact on business. As a CEO, how can you steer your organization clear of this trap? Here are four factors to ensure your big data is good data: Capture the right data Many organizations tend to … Read More

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True Conversion Rate

True Conversion Rate | The ForeSee Blog

Conversion rate is one of the most commonly misused behavioral metrics, and focusing on an aggregate conversion rate can be misleading.  Your true conversion rate is the metric you should care about. True conversion is the number of visitors who came to your site intending to make a purchase who did in fact make that purchase. The same is true with the visitors who came to your site seeking support information. You want to know whether they were able to find the information they sought. True conversion starts with determining your business’s specific goals and only then moves to measuring … Read More

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Best Practices for Measuring the Omnichannel Customer Experience

ForeSee Omnichannel Customer Experience

Last week, we talked about the challenges of the omnichannel customer experience landscape. This time around we will talk about some of the best practices of measuring the omnichannel customer experience. The winners at omnichannel customer service will be those who start by measuring the customer experience and then utilize voice of customer data to help them define and (in the long run) refine their omnichannel strategies.  Many companies have started on this journey and not too many have yet completed it. We cannot manage what we don’t measure.  And we cannot improve what we are not measuring, because we … Read More

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The Challenges of the Omnichannel Landscape

omnichannel customer experience

Today’s consumers are multichannel, multi-device users and they are going to interact with companies at every engagement point without a second thought. So, without even consciously deciding to, they are going to expect brand consistency and uniform customer service at every level of interaction. Therefore, business executives and leaders must remember that consumers view their experience with a company as just that – an experience with a company, not as an experience with an individual channel (web, store, mobile, etc.) of a company. Unfortunately, the reality is that most retailers still operate in silos. But this shift also offers the … Read More

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Customer Intent and Conversion Rate

customer intent and conversion rate

Acquiring new customers through marketing and advertising is one of the four key drivers of business success. An extension of that is the rate by which a business converts the customers it attracts through those campaigns. Many businesses feel that conversion rate is one of the most important metrics because they believe it differentiates between business success and failure. It measures the number of visitors to a particular store, website, or sales call center within a specific period, divided into the number of people who take the desired action (make a purchase, register for a free trial, or any other … Read More

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The Truth About Shopping Cart Abandonment

The Truth about Shopping Cart Abandonment | The ForeSee Blog

As noted in a previous post, behavioral metrics are nice to have but can be tricky to navigate and misinterpret the customer experience if not measured right, analyzed correctly, and used properly. And with the holiday shopping season starting it might be nice to know the truth about the squeaky wheel (virtual or otherwise) of another classic example of a frequently misused behavioral metric: shopping cart abandonment. Shopping cart abandonment rate is calculated by dividing the number of visitors who start but then abandon a shopping cart (in other words, they do not complete the transaction) by the total number … Read More

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The Challenge of Behavioral Metrics

The Problem with Behavioral Metrics | The ForeSee Blog

When dealing with customer experience, there are many pieces of behavioral data that can be captured. Each one provides some value by helping us understand what the customer has done and how he or she interacted with your company. But because such behavioral metrics are backward looking, it is often hard to tell what is really going on with the customer’s interaction. When looking at broad aggregated scores it is easy to assume there is a relationship between data points, but when properly analyzing the data and looking at the right segments, the relationship between those points may not consistently … Read More

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ForeSee’s 360-Degree View of the Customer Experience

ForeSee cx360 Multichannel Platform

Today marks an important milestone for ForeSee. For 12 years, ForeSee has been providing measurement, intelligence, and actionable insights at the point of interaction between companies and their customers. And over the past few years we have complemented the valuable tactical approach with more strategic and operational metrics and insights to enable our clients to truly leverage superior customer experience as a competitive weapon in today’s multi-channel, multi-device marketplace. While most metrics look within a single channel, the customer perspective spans across all company and brand touch points. Until today, it has been nearly impossible to measure and gain visibility … Read More

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