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Answers and ForeSee

Answers and ForeSee

by David Karandish, CEO of Answers Three weeks ago, Answers acquired ForeSee and this might have resulted in some head-scratching. What would a company like Answers, best known for the consumer Q&A community Answers.com, possibly want with a customer experience analytics company? For me, the answer is as simple as our shared mission: we want to satisfy the consumer. Answers.com, which appears regularly on comScore’s top 25 list of U.S. websites, has been fielding queries from millions of information-hungry consumers since 1999. But as much as we relish responding to everyday people like you and me, we also recognize that … Read More

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Why Amazon Ranks Number One in Customer Experience

ForeSee Customer Experienc Model Amazon

“The company that provides the best relationship with the customer will win — not through product, but through the best experience.” – Tesco chairman Sir Richard Broadbent “I would define Amazon by our big ideas, which are customer centricity – putting the customer at the center of everything we do – [and] invention.” – Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos Broadbent and Bezos are just two of many c-level executives who are focusing more than ever on the customer experience, understanding the role it plays in the current and future success of their business. In today’s retail world companies are … Read More

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Measuring the Health of the E-Government

ForeSee's Larry Freed on Healthcare.gov and the Citizen Customer Experience

There’s no denying that the rollout of Healthcare.gov has been a debacle.  However, this one site should not be the thermometer to measure the health of all federal government websites or the competence of the federal government when it comes to digital initiatives. Despite what you may be reading (and seeing and hearing!) about one very high-profile and very low-functioning federal site, e-government is actually doing very well overall. In 2013, citizen satisfaction with federal government websites on average reached its highest level since first measured in 2003. This shows that government leaders are listening to the citizens and providing … Read More

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What Makes a Good Customer Experience Metric?

What makes a good customer experience metric?

What Makes a Good Customer Experience Metric? I’m asked this question a lot. And while we have written other posts related to the topic, I feel it’s necessary to revisit it every once in a while since it could be one of the most important question to ask when evaluating the need for measuring the customer experience, and researching the ways to do so. There are a lot of choices out there, ranging from the over-simplified to the extremely complex – neither of which are (or should be) considered criteria when evaluating customer experience metrics. It is important to understand … Read More

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Mean-ingful Satisfaction

Satisfaction Measurement

As much as you might think it is, satisfaction is not binary. Customers don’t naturally fall into one of two slots: dissatisfied or satisfied. It would be a lot easier if they did, but they don’t. And we can’t (and shouldn’t) try to wedge them into a hole they don’t fit.  Not if we want to gain truly meaningful and actionable insights. The truth is, most customers fall somewhere on a spectrum ranging anywhere from very dissatisfied to very satisfied. And companies who say 85% of their customers are satisfied are really missing the point. Think about an experience, any … Read More

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Common Measurement Mistakes: Volume 4

The ForeSee Blog Larry Freed Common Measurement Mistakes

Alas, the final volume of my “Common Measurement Mistakes” series – where I examine common mistakes people make when measuring the the customer experience – is here. This is a long but good one and I hope it helps you understand why measuring by proxy can be detrimental to business decision making. If you missed the first three installments of this series, you can read volume 1 here, volume 2 here, and volume 3 here. You should also look at past posts, Confusing Causation and Correlation and Confusing Measurement with Feedback, which are also common mistakes when measuring the customer … Read More

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How I Learned (the Hard Way) How to Implement a Customer Feedback Program

Customer Feedback Program

The ForeSee Blog welcomes Guest Blogger Ashley Verrill, a CRM Analyst for Software Advice and Managing Editor for the Customer Service Investigator. A couple months ago, I reached out to ForeSee with a problem. I had just conducted an experiment I hoped would yield some useful customer feedback for three retail businesses that were helping me review a new technology for a report I was compiling. But after a month of running the test, our participants received hardly any feedback, and the data they did generate wasn’t very useful. Just as I was wrapping up the project, I ran across … Read More

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Common Measurement Mistakes: Volume 3

common measurment mistakes the ForeSee Blog

Welcome to Volume 3 in Common Measurement Mistakes compendium. Missed the first two volumes? Read Volume 1 here and Volume 2 here. You should also check out previous posts such as Confusing Causation and Correlation and Confusing Measurement with Feedback, which are also common mishaps when measuring the customer experience. Here are three more common mistakes. Common Measurement Mistake: Sampling Problems Sampling works well when sampling is done correctly.  Sample selection and sample size are critical to creating a credible, reliable, accurate, precise, and predictive methodology.  Sampling is a science in and of itself.  You need samples representative of the … Read More

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A Tale of Two Yelps

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… Just like Charles Dickens’ classic novel A Tale of Two Cities, there is a duality afoot. This is no tale of peasantry and aristocracy of late 1700s London and Paris, but rather one set in the modern world of user ratings and reviews. There were two incredible stories recently that set Yelp, and the user ratings space in general, back several steps.  With Dickensian flair, these stories are chockablock with intrigue, mistaken identities, threats of violence, heavy accents, etc. These two stories are everywhere this week and their … Read More

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WoMI: The Next Generation of NPS

WoMI - The Word of Mouth Index

Download the free white paper, Net Promoter Score: The One Number You Need to Evolve There’s something to be said about the digital world we live in today and how it’s hurling change at us at the velocity of a Justin Verlander fast ball. Through the last decade we’ve seen incredible advances in technology that has led to the fierce evolution of the consumer and their constantly changing expectations, which has resulted in the need for more and better ways for companies to measure their experiences. For many organizations the Net Promoter Score (NPS) has been the extent to which … Read More

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