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Showrooming: Browsing Fees? Really?

Showrooming not as bad as you think

So…when did window shopping become a crime punishable by a fine? I’m happy to pay a cover charge at the corner bar to experience a good local band, or at a museum to experience fine art. But to pay $5 just to enter my local grocery or electronics store is where I draw the line. Unfortunately, that is what some business owners are charging people as they enter their stores. Apparently this “just looking,” or browsing, fee will theoretically combat showrooming – when customers come to the store (the “showroom”) to look at the merchandise in person but then shop … Read More

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The Good News About Bad News

Bad news is inevitable, but it’s the one thing we all try to avoid hearing or talking about. We live with the notion that if we can couch bad news as is, it gives us the perception that the world is a better place. If you’ve ever waited in a tremendously long line with money or credit card clenched in your fist to purchase a hot commodity (concert tickets, the latest iPad, Tickle-Me Elmo) and felt the thrill of being so close to acquiring something so amazing only to get to the front of the line to find an empty … Read More

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