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ForeSee Releases New E-Government Satisfaction Index and Mobile Federal Government Benchmark

The ForeSee E-Government Satisfaction Index (Q4 2013) Now Available Download the Report Yesterday we released The ForeSee E-Government Satisfaction Index (Q4 2013). This report serves as a critical checkpoint for evaluating the success and performance of the federal government’s online and mobile initiatives and provides a quarterly update on citizen satisfaction with e-government websites at the aggregate level, individual satisfaction scores for the 108 federal government websites included in the Index, and  – a new milestone for ForeSee’s mobile practice and the federal government – the launch of ForeSee’s Mobile Federal Government Benchmark. This quarter’s aggregate score for e-government websites … Read More

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ForeSee Federal Government Mobile Benchmark

ForeSee's Mobile Government Benchmark

ForeSee’s mobile practice hits another milestone with the launch of the Federal Benchmark of mobile sites and apps for its clients. Just the fact that there is a mobile benchmark for these organizations is huge accomplishment, meaning more and more federal government agencies, departments and organizations are actually measuring the mobile experience, which shows federal leaders are understanding the value this digital medium has in interacting with the citizen. The satisfaction score of these federal government site and app visitors are starting strong out of the gate and showing higher average scores than other industry sectors measured by ForeSee. The aggregate … Read More

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Measuring the Health of the E-Government

ForeSee's Larry Freed on Healthcare.gov and the Citizen Customer Experience

There’s no denying that the rollout of Healthcare.gov has been a debacle.  However, this one site should not be the thermometer to measure the health of all federal government websites or the competence of the federal government when it comes to digital initiatives. Despite what you may be reading (and seeing and hearing!) about one very high-profile and very low-functioning federal site, e-government is actually doing very well overall. In 2013, citizen satisfaction with federal government websites on average reached its highest level since first measured in 2003. This shows that government leaders are listening to the citizens and providing … Read More

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ForeSee’s Q2 2013 E-Government Satisfaction Index Available

The ForeSee ACSI E-Government Satisfaction Index

With Today’s release of the Q2 2013 ForeSee ASCI E-Government Satisfaction Index, we see that the web arm of the federal government continues to perform very well and has been steady in terms of citizen satisfaction for 15 of the last 16 quarters, hovering around 75 (on the study’s 100-point scale). Key findings from the quarterly update on citizen satisfaction with e-government include: Citizen satisfaction with the e-government experience remains steady in Q2 2013. The second quarter of 2013 registered an average citizen satisfaction score of 75.0, which is almost imperceptibly down from 75.1 in Q1 2013. The Social Security … Read More

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E-Gov Starts 2013 on Steady Ground, Turns to Mobile

The ForeSee ACSI E-Government Satisfaction Index

ForeSee today released its quarterly update on the 2013 Q1 ACSI E-Government Satisfaction Index that includes citizen satisfaction with e-government at the aggregate level, including individual satisfaction scores for the 103 federal government sites participating in the Index. Key findings include:  Citizen satisfaction with the e-gov experience remains steady to kick off 2013. The first quarter of this year registered an average citizen satisfaction score of 75.1 where it has hovered for 14 of the past 15 quarters. The Social Security Administration’s (SSA) Retirement Estimator remains at the top of the list with a 91, followed by the SSA’s iClaim … Read More

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Usability Best Practices for e-Gov Mobile Web Experiences, Part 3

EGov Mobile Best Practices 1 Tap-Sized Buttons and Links

A note from the ForeSee Blog: click here to register for our E-Government Transparency and ACSI E-Government Q4 2012 Satisfaction Results webinar on Tuesday, February 19 at 2:00 pm ET. So far I’ve talked in depth about six areas of the mobile experience and best practices on how to execute them from a usability standpoint. In this final post of the series, I’ll take a look at phone-specific interfaces that play an important role in the citizen and consumer e-Gov mobile web experience. Tap-sized Buttons and Links Since visitors are typically navigating mobile sites with their fingers, sites should not … Read More

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Usability Best Practices for e-Gov Mobile Web Experiences, Part 2

Best practices for e-gov mobile sites

Last time, I took a look at some of the best practices for the mobile Web, including topics such as Mobile Site or Not Yet; Site vs. App; and Redirection. Here, I continue the discussion, covering the type of content that is appropriate for mobile sites and how visitors navigate through it. Full vs. Reduced Content An important question is “how much content should you have on your mobile site?”  A few years ago, mostly due to bandwidth and technical limitations, the answer was “minimal”—a few critical news or content bits and key functionality such as locators or calculators.  However, … Read More

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Recommended Reading for All Government Executives: Bill Gates’ Plan to Fix the World’s Biggest Problems

Bill Gates Measurement

This past weekend I read an essay by Bill Gates that was published in the Wall Street Journal. In the article, he makes a passionate appeal for executives and leaders to apply lessons learned in the 19th century by inventors who made substantial progress towards increasing the performance of the steam engine by constantly measuring and improving the efficiency of the output. Mr. Gates then proceeds to explain how measuring performance can be applied to solve many of society’s challenges such as educational reform, reduction in child mortality, elimination of certain diseases, and more. Mr. Gates is encouraging recipients of … Read More

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Satisfaction with E-Government Steady in 2012

ForeSee ACSI E-Government Index

ForeSee released the 38th consecutive quarterly American Customer Satisfaction Index (ASCI) E-Government Satisfaction Index today, marking nearly 10 years of measuring citizen satisfaction with public-facing federal government websites. While citizen satisfaction scores for agency sites at an aggregate level did not change drastically throughout last year, we are seeing a drastic shift in the government’s priorities to become more customer-centric with the release of the Digital Government: Building a 21st Century Platform to Better Serve the American People initiative in May 2012. We applaud the effort and are anxious to see the plan roll out as milestones are reached through … Read More

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Usability Best Practices for e-Gov Mobile Web Experiences, Part 1

e-gov mobile app best practices 2

Many federal government agencies do not yet have mobile versions of their websites. Although that might be ok for now, it won’t be for very long. In a series of three posts, I will explore the best practices of providing a great mobile experience for citizens and consumers.  Today’s post covers the early questions you should be considering when thinking about mobile, and what that experience should be. Mobile Site or Not Yet? Not every e-gov visitor may need, want, or expect a mobile experience at this time, but that need is increasing ever more quickly. And sites not offering … Read More

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