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Siteshowing: Defying the Norm…or Defining the New Norm

Siteshowing Bonobos Guide Shop

Every once in a while I come a across a situation where I can’t decide if it’s completely brilliant or utterly insane. Such is the case with Bonobos. With a pure play online clothing retailer such as Bonobos, the retailer runs the risk of having site visitors wishing they could try on the clothes before punching in their credit card number. Unable to do so, they find what they want on the retailer’s site, log off, and head to the closest department store (Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Target, etc.) where they can discover similar styles (by other brands) to what they … Read More

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Mobile Satisfaction Catching Up to Web in the UK


Click here to download the ForeSee Mobile Satisfaction Index (UK Edition 2012). Mobile is cementing itself into the causeways of everyday life and the momentum at which it is doing so is unparalleled, making it a force to be reckoned with in the retail world. So, to be blunt about it: company leaders who are not measuring the mobile customer experience are operating in the dark. It’s time to flip the switch and shed some light on a growing segment of customers who could otherwise be making purchases and recommending the company to friends and family members. With the release … Read More

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Shining a Light on the Mobile Customer Experience

Infographic from the ForeSee Mobile Satisfaction Index Holiday Retail Edition

Download the report: The ForeSee Mobile Satisfaction Index, Holiday Retail Edition I have a toddler at home and to get up in the pitch black of the night without turning on the lights to check on him can be quite challenging sometimes. Maneuvering around toys (loud ones, squishy ones, ones with wheels, etc.) and furniture without the risk of injury (serious or otherwise) is definitely tricky. That’s how I feel about company leaders who are not measuring the mobile experiences they are offering their customers. By not doing so, they are simply stumbling around in the dark risking the chance … Read More

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First ForeSee Luxury Index Available

The ForeSee Luxury Index

In November and December 2012, ForeSee measured the top 100 e-retail websites during the holiday season, and for the first time we are extracting the luxury brands with a strong web presence to offer the ForeSee E-Retail Satisfaction Index: Luxury Brands – available for free download here. In the research we see that on average luxury brands score slightly lower than the top 100 aggregate: 78 vs. 79. Tiffany & Co., and Coach both scored an 80 on the study’s 100-point scale to lead the group. While 80 is the threshold for excellence and others come close, the reality is … Read More

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Satisfaction with U.S. Holiday Online Shopping Stagnant

The ForeSee E-Retail Satisfation Index, U.S. Holiday Edition

Today, ForeSee released its eighth annual E-Retail Satisfaction Index: U.S. Holiday Edition, an analysis of customer satisfaction with the largest online retailers (by sales volume, according to Internet Retailer) in the United States during the holiday shopping season. This year, for the first time, ForeSee expanded the list of measured companies from the Top 40 e-retailers in the US to the top 100. Read the full report now. Depending on who you listen to or read, it is estimated that about 39% of U.S. holiday shopping was done online this year, and U.S. consumers spent between 13% and 15% more … Read More

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Online Retail Satisfaction in UK Sluggish

Leading UK Websites Customer Experience

The sixth annual ForeSee Online Retail Satisfaction Index: UK Christmas Edition, an analysis of customer satisfaction with the top 40 online retailers in the United Kingdom during the Christmas shopping season, was released today. Download the full free report now. The most crucial element gleaned from this year’s study is that satisfaction with the retail online experience is not increasing as fast as UK consumers are adopting online shopping as their preferred way to engage with retailers. This could pose a problem in the long term. A Netsuite study reported in Internet Retailer Magazine predicted that UK shoppers would do … Read More

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Mobile App Review: SavingStar Grocery eCoupons

Saving Star Coupon App

This is the second in a series of blog posts evaluating the user experience of some of the top 10 shopping apps as rated by this June 2012 Nielsen study . The last post evaluated the Out of Milk Shopping List app for Android which allows users to organize products they need to purchase from the grocery store. Still evaluating shopping aids, let’s take a look at the SavingStar Grocery eCoupons app. Available to iPhone and Android users, this app helps customers take advantage of digital coupons at retailers whose loyalty card programs they use. A unique feature of this … Read More

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BANG! POW! BAM! SessionReplay Saves the Day

SessionReplay from ForeSee

We talk a lot about the Super Consumer around here, with their powerful voices, acute and refined hearing, cloning abilities, and unlimited knowledge. It’s all true – they’re out there and they mean business.  And, to top it off, they’re just a chiseled physique and a can of Shark Repellant away from a being considered real super heroes. I think, however, we forget to mention our own super capabilities, not to mention our understated charm and ability to help those in need. Although we’re not here to stymie the powers of the Super Consumer – they’re not the villains in … Read More

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Once upon a time there was a beautiful website. It had cool buttons, pictures of pretty people, and things that did things. People visited and gazed upon these things and were amazed. But when these people tried to buy something and couldn’t they got restless, grabbed torches and pitchforks and rose as one! But then realized they didn’t want to ruin their new computers so they put the torches and pitchforks down and filled out a survey instead. It’s a tragic tale – one we’ve heard many times before in Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, and Shrek. The moral … Read More

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2012 Top 100 E-Retail Winners and Losers

Technology continues to move at lightning speed and that means consumers are only getting smarter, faster, and more powerful. That’s why it’s imperative for retailers to understand today’s super consumer, how they shop and – maybe most importantly – what makes them happy. Sure, technology will continue to change as will the way consumers use it to research, shop and purchase, but the one constant that will always remain relevant in the retail world is customer satisfaction. Research shows again and again that satisfied customers are more likely to make future purchases and to make recommendations, urging friends, family and … Read More

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