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Announcing Answers Cloud Services: A Powerful Platform for our Clients

Answers and ForeSee

by David Karandish, CEO of Answers I’ve spent the past month working with the ForeSee and Answers executive teams on how best to enable ForeSee to meet the ever increasing needs of our clients. Through it all, we’ve been laser focused on ensuring that we provide the same high quality of service to current clients, while considering what additional products and resources would amplify our ability to help clients deliver on their business objectives. I’d like to announce a number of changes that will propel ForeSee to even greater levels of client reach and satisfaction. Effective immediately, we are restructuring … Read More

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Answers and ForeSee

Answers and ForeSee

by David Karandish, CEO of Answers Three weeks ago, Answers acquired ForeSee and this might have resulted in some head-scratching. What would a company like Answers, best known for the consumer Q&A community Answers.com, possibly want with a customer experience analytics company? For me, the answer is as simple as our shared mission: we want to satisfy the consumer. Answers.com, which appears regularly on comScore’s top 25 list of U.S. websites, has been fielding queries from millions of information-hungry consumers since 1999. But as much as we relish responding to everyday people like you and me, we also recognize that … Read More

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The ForeSee Experience Index: Top Brands Edition

The ForeSee Experience Index

The ForeSee Experience Index (FXI) Now Available | Download the Report Walmart might not have as good of a chance of catching up to Amazon’s online retail business as they hope. Facebook should be weary of users leaving for other social media sites. Microsoft stands to lose more customers to Apple. For an industry that lives and dies by upselling products and services, financial services companies will likely have trouble in that department in the near future. That is, unless these companies turn their attention to customer experience. A good customer experience is a critical driver of financial success, so … Read More

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Awarding Experience

ForeSee wins FastTrack Award from Ann Arbor Spark

It’s always nice to be recognized for the work that you do throughout the year. Anyone that has done an ounce of work in their life can attest to that. And it’s been a great year for ForeSee. So far this year we, as a company, have received numerous honors and are in the running for several others before the year comes to a close. Here are a few choice selections from 2013: Most recently (November 1), ForeSee was awarded its seventh consecutive FastTrack Award by Spark.  To qualify for a FastTrack award, you must have at least 20% growth … Read More

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ForeSee’s 360-Degree View of the Customer Experience

ForeSee cx360 Multichannel Platform

Today marks an important milestone for ForeSee. For 12 years, ForeSee has been providing measurement, intelligence, and actionable insights at the point of interaction between companies and their customers. And over the past few years we have complemented the valuable tactical approach with more strategic and operational metrics and insights to enable our clients to truly leverage superior customer experience as a competitive weapon in today’s multi-channel, multi-device marketplace. While most metrics look within a single channel, the customer perspective spans across all company and brand touch points. Until today, it has been nearly impossible to measure and gain visibility … Read More

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The ForeSee Summit is Moving

Las Vegas ForeSee Summit

We hope that for three days next year people can forget about the saying, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” and take what they learn at the 2014 ForeSee Summit and share it with their colleagues and executives across the board. That’s right…it is with bittersweet feelings that I am officially announcing the relocation of the ForeSee Summit to (drum roll, please) Red Rock Casino, Resort, and Spa in Las Vegas for 2014. So mark your calendars – April 29th to May 1st – for what is expected to be the biggest and best ForeSee Summit to date. Sure … Read More

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Innovation: Innovating Analytics Officially Released

Innovating Analytics

This day has been a long time in the making. And, boy, am I glad it is finally here. Today, we celebrate the official release of Innovating Analytics (Wiley & Sons), my second book, available on Amazon.com. While I talk a lot about the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and the ForeSee Word of Mouth Index (WoMI), it really comes down to one word: Innovation. The classic definition of innovation is introducing something new. From a practical business perspective, the word innovation has come to mean something more than that. Innovation is about change that is significant and positive, creating a … Read More

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Deployment, Data, Deliberate Decisions: ForeSee and IBM Digital Marketing

ForeSee and IBM Digital Marketing Partnership

Every organization is on a continuum of customer experience analytics maturation.  While some continually progress along the continuum, others sit still or even regress.  That progression is in some ways much more important than the actual stage of maturity.  Why?  Because each step of incremental progress increases an organization’s ability to make deliberate decisions in managing its business. When it comes to increasing customer experience analytics maturity, an often overlooked yet potent resource is an organization’s community of data and services providers.  Leveraging these providers in a distinctly integrated fashion (as opposed to simply lining up disparate deliverables next to … Read More

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Innovating Analytics

Innovating Analytics by Larry Freed

Taking into consideration all of the time, hard work, and energy that went in to completing my first book, Managing Forward (2011), I wasn’t sure there would be a second…at least anytime soon. I knew, however, once the right topic came along it would be difficult to resist. Needless to say, the right topic did come along and will hit bookshelves and e-shelves this fall in the form of Innovating Analytics (2013) published through prestigious Wiley & Sons. You can pre-order Innovating Analytics at Amazon.com. About Innovating Analytics This is a time of great change and great opportunity. The companies … Read More

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100 Million Survey Responses and Counting

ForeSee collected 100000000 survey responses so far

As our business has grown over the years, so has the data we’ve collected, and ForeSee has reached an important milestone this year. While there were no fireworks or confetti canons to ring it in, on June 8th, we surpassed 100,000,000 survey responses collected.  And, yes, that’s eight zeroes. This staggering number includes surveys we’ve collected for all of our clients across all industries and touch points, including web, mobile, stores, and call centers. Last month alone we collected more than 1.5 million survey responses (online and offline) on behalf of our clients. As impressive as that is, it represents … Read More

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