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(P)research: The Fulcrum of Store and Mobile Analytics

Consumers are conducting pre-research on mobile devices before they go, and in stores

Raise your hand if you’ve ever accessed a company’s website with your mobile phone before actually considering a purchase at a store location. Now, raise your other hand if you’ve ever used your mobile device while actually in a store to investigate products or inventory before buying anything. Okay, now put your arms down before your coworkers begin thinking something’s seriously wrong. But, don’t worry you’re not by any means alone. This, “Pre-Search,” is becoming (if it isn’t already) a very important phenomenon at the very fulcrum of store and mobile analytics. Plain and simple, consumers are using new devices … Read More

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Why Satisfaction Matters for Media and Entertainment Mobile Sites

Why Satisfaction Matters in Mobile | App store ratings vs. satisfaction scores

Satisfaction matters because it determines what consumers will do next. Satisfied customers are more likely to engage with the brand in any channel, more likely to engage with advertisers, more likely to recommend companies to family members, friends, and colleagues, and have greater loyalty–all key factors in growing a business. For the ForeSee Mobile Satisfaction Index: Media and Entertainment Edition (2013) report we put ForeSee’s predictive customer experience analytics to work and compared less satisfied visitors (with mobile satisfaction scores of 69 or less) to highly satisfied visitors (with satisfaction scores of 80 or higher) to see how much more … Read More

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Ad-ventures in Media and Entertainment Mobile Experiences

Elements of the Mobile Custoemr Experience

Are advertisements on mobile sites and apps a necessary evil? Or, are they just plain necessary? Many of the companies measured in the ForeSee Mobile Satisfaction Index Media and Entertainment Edition (2013), released last week, are beholden to the advertising world for revenue, and we hear a lot about how important it is to serve the advertiser. Of course, some services are subscription-based while others are subsidized. Regardless of the business model, these companies need to keep in mind that their greatest responsibility is to their customers. Without them–and without providing satisfying mobile experiences–there will be no need for advertisers. … Read More

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The Mobile Persona of Device Engagement

The Mobile Persona

Working around the house trying to shorten the honey-do list on the weekend is always a challenge.  But it’s much easier to accomplish when you have the right tool for the job (like a tamper for packing down 3.5 tons of gravel for my driveway – boy was I glad to cross that one off!). The same is true of the digital customer journey.  We unknowingly choose the right tool (phone, tablet, laptop) for our digital needs. For example, if each device (tablet, phone, laptop) were right in front of you, which would you choose to accomplish the following need: … Read More

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Banking on Mobile

Banking on Mobile

Like most consumers in most industries today, banking consumers are becoming more and more mobile. A March 2013 study from Juniper Research indicated that mobile banking users will exceed 1 billion (yes, that’s with a “B”), representing 15% of global mobile handset users, by 2017. And to make even more interesting, the UK research company also stated that around 19% (about 200 million) will turn to tablet use – which should be considered an entirely different experience from traditional (smartphone) mobile – for their banking transactions by 2017. This shift to mobile brings higher expectations for more convenient and easily … Read More

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It’s Good! The Mobile Track at the ForeSee Summit

2013 ForeSee Summit

This is always an exciting time of year. We are again hosting hundreds of our clients in lovely springtime Ann Arbor for the ForeSee Summit. Our clients will take over the best darn college town in the world for a couple days of incredible content and amazing events. Yes, I might even attempt to kick another field goal at The Big House, the University of Michigan football stadium. Amidst the hullaballoo of the extracurricular activities, we are featuring some incredible mobile content. Since our mobile measurement delivers admirably on all three strategic, operational, and tactical fronts for our clients, we … Read More

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News and Entertainment Mobile Sites and Apps Outperform Websites

News and Entertainment Mobile Sites and Apps Outperform Traditional Web

With the release of ForeSee’s annual CME Benchmark last week, we learned that news and entertainment mobile sites and apps outperform the industry’s traditional (both ad-driven and subscription-based) websites with an average satisfaction of 73 compared to 66 (news sites) and 67 (entertainment sites). With a wide range of customer satisfaction scores from a low of 58 to a high of 85, some companies understand that customers want and expect their mobile experiences to be as seamless and convenient as they are on the desktop and, in turn, are delivering, while others are not.  The important thing for all of … Read More

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Southwest Plays on an Uneven Field: Why Their Mobile Customer Satisfaction is Higher, and Why It’s Not Fair

Southwest Airlines Mobile App

According to ForeSee’s recent study on customer satisfaction with mobile travel sites and apps, customer satisfaction with Southwest’s mobile experience is a full five points higher than the next rated airline: 82 vs. 77 on our 100-point scale.  But Southwest’s policies give them a clear advantage because their experiences lack the need for sophistication. When I first saw results of our Mobile Satisfaction Study – Travel Edition, I was surprised Southwest did so well.  Don’t get me wrong, I really, really like Southwest. And when our partner, the American Customer Satisfaction Index rates Southwest overall, they are consistently one of the … Read More

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The Chicken or The Egg: Do Hotel Mobile Sites Cater to the Last-Minute Booker, or do They Create Them?

movile travel sites

When hotels create mobile experiences, they make two critical assumptions about the customer: 1.) they are on the go; and 2.) they are booking on mobile and looking on desktop. But what if the hotels are wrong?  What if customers are accessing mobile sites at home?  To look, not book?  And what if by providing a less satisfying experience in mobile, hotels were jeopardizing future bookings? Take a look at small sample of mobile hotel experiences and it is clear they are geared toward the customer who is booking last minute, likely for tonight. Hotels.com displays deals in my area … Read More

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Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds | The ForeSee Blog

The Rule of Thirds is a concept used in photography, film, painting, and even web design that divides the frame into equal parts to help compose a better picture. How does this apply to the mobile realm? Because by March 25, 2015, we will see digital traffic divided evenly across smartphones, tablets, and web. Yes, two years from today, this balancing act of which channels customers choose to engage with companies will reach its stasis. Mobile’s contextual availability is the accelerant here. As mobile adoption and online traffic continue to increase we will begin to see the encroachment of mobile … Read More

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