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Mind Social Media – Don’t Mine It

Customer Feedback Don't Listen to Squeaky Wheels

Every once in a while we hear about how mining social media is the best new way to gain feedback. This Marketing Daily article with a sensational (not in a good way) headline, “Goodbye To Surveys For Companies That Mine Social,” by Karl Greenberg is a good example. In the article, social media research firm newBrandAnalytics says “surveys are defunct…companies get a 25% increase in online customer reviews on their social sites.” While there may be a bump in customer reviews due to social media, that doesn’t mean it’s time to throw everything else out the window. It’s time to … Read More

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Let Them Eat Newsfeed

Let Them Eat NewsFeed

So the world is having a meltdown… Or so it would seem if you live in Silicon Valley, like I do, and have been gawping at stock prices going down faster than a fat kid running from Tony Perkis at Camp Hope (bonus points if you’re a Heavyweights fan). Zynga is down 40%. Facebook even more so, and continues to plummet. The companies that made us the cool kids on the playground – heroes kicking butt and taking names later while the rest of the country was riding the recession merry-go-round – are FAILING. It’s BAD. It’s not quite dot-com-bubble-bursting … Read More

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True Social Value

In the fall of 2004 when I was a senior at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin I joined The Facebook (that’s what it was called then) and uploaded my first ever profile picture. Upside down. “Might want to try rotating that picture, dumba**,” wrote my younger brother on my Wall. He was a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin at the time and had been on Facebook for a good six months before people from my school were allowed to have profiles. Because back in the day, you had to have a .edu email address to join The Facebook. Fast-forward … Read More

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